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Internet marketing and publicity is becoming very popular these days. Tweeter is the best social medium to voice the opinions and make it popular throughout the world. Hundreds of celebrities including central ministers are registered members of tweeter. These celebrities voice their opinion by posting their contents in the twitter which is normally called as tweets. Many registered users follow these tweets and give their valuable feedbacks by clicking like or dislike. This platform is somewhat like face book which is a popular social website.

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Socializing with others is easy when the users open twitter account. It is imperative to note that twitter plays a vital role in marketing the brand new products. Hundreds of bloggers and twitter users write various blogs in the twitter and submit it. Hundreds of other users read these blogs and take stock of the situation. No other medium will be as good as twitter since this is one of the reputed companies in the world which has grown leaps and bounds after it started few years back. No one expected that this website will become extremely popular and powerful. Hundreds of celebrities and VVIPs are twitting every day through twitter. This website manages to attract hundreds of people in a day. Now, the new users will understand the importance of opening twitter account. The new users or companies should not stop with twitter account they should also choose retweets to popularize their wonderful products. Retweeting is nothing but reposting the new contents or reposting some other person’s content. The new users will learn many magical things about twitter when they start retweeting.

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